Our Projects carry the expertise that drives our client’s demands in today’s markets. Delivering turnkey projects from Geotechnical, Geological, and Engineering project management to every associated service related to our services. From heavy equipment, road and site preparation and reclamation, water hauling, security, traffic control, waste management, creek and bridge restoration, and others.

SCS is continually achieving greater and greater milestones. Our expertise has driven us towards projects and advancements that are leading edge and with the world’s greatest and largest clients. Having run projects as small as single rig 1000m drilling jobs in remote single drill sites to managing and delivering on 50,000-meter multi-drill, with multi clients and at multiple locations across Western North America, we understand your needs.

Where We Operate

We utilize zero contact drilling using closed loops, drill fluid recycling, and solid control units where required. We are vastly experienced in deep hole drilling, highly technical drilling formations, Tele-viewers, Hydro packers, and most advanced drilling techniques required for the most difficult drilling conditions the world has to offer.


Contact us to learn how our core drill services can help you complete your project. We provide the top value and service to mining & energy industry clients throughout Western North America.