100% First Nations Owned and OperatedFirst Nations

100% First Nations owned and operated.

We have created and sustained a network of working relationships, joint ventures, and achievements across Western Canada with Industry and First Nations bands. We have created work opportunities for skilled and local aboriginal peoples and helped our clients provide sustainable benefits to local F/N communities.


We have partnered with some of the largest industry providers and lead community support initiatives with Companies such as Teck, Highland Valley Copper, Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain, BC Hydro, Northwest Community College, Hunter Dickenson and more. As a result of these partnerships, we have trained hundreds of local F/N members throughout Western Canada.

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Want to engage in the local First Nations community? Are u a First Nations Band looking for a Joint Venture Partner? Maybe your company or community needs F/N and/or industry consultation?

Our Management team is well versed in First Nations community relationships, partnerships, and joint ventures. We have lead negotiations for the Energy and Mining sector in projects equaling in value more than 10 Billion dollars. We have established many agreements between F/N and the industry worth 100’s of millions of dollars, which include companies such as BC Hydro, Teck, Kinder Morgan, and many small and medium-sized companies.

Contact us to utilize our diamond drilling services for your project needs. We are proud of our First Nations community that services the mining & energy industry throughout Western North America.

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