About Us

We are committed to delivering the highest performance with the most environmentally sensitive and employee-driven safety record possible. We understand that production is the leading cause of cost overruns for our clients and that the environment and safety are directly correlated to our production. As our saying goes, we are dedicated to outperform.


Our Team

We draw from a Canada wide employee pool of over 100 employees. In addition, we have defined pockets of local employees throughout Western Canada, allowing us to maximize the local communities on local projects.

We are proud to be a First Nations owned and operating business and are unchallenged in utilizing aboriginal employment local to our area. Without sacrificing our strict Q/C protocol or our demand to select the best for the job, we have been praised by our clients in utilizing up 75% First Nations Employment throughout projects that seek such attention.

We believe leadership comes just as much from the top down and as is expected from the bottom up. Every employee is held responsible for themselves and for others around them. This enables us to achieve greater efficiencies, transparencies, and accountability to our employees.

SCS Brochure

Contact us to discuss your upcoming diamond-core drilling project with our staff. We provide top value and service to mining & energy industry clients throughout Western North America.